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Leaf Removal Services in Pine Bluff

Pine Bluff is beautiful when fall rolls around. When the chlorophyll breaks down in the leaves of deciduous trees in the area, the green disappears and the landscape transforms into a rich palette of yellow, orange and red. Of course, the splendor of these colors can quickly fade when these leaves all come tumbling down onto your Pine Bluff home or business’s landscape.

Leaving your lawn covered in leaves is never a good idea. They can smother the grass below if they aren’t removed before winter comes and you’ll have to deal with rejuvenating your lawn when spring comes along. It your lawn isn’t smothered by the leaves, leaving them lying around can promote mold diseases or turf damage from creatures like mice in the spring.

Raking up and bagging all the leaves can be tedious, back-breaking labor. Investing in a leaf blower is expensive and even with this special piece of equipment, you’ll still be bending over to pick up and bag what is often a soggy mess of plant matter. So, what are Pine Bluff home and business owners supposed to do?

The path of least resistance to getting a beautiful, healthy, leaf-free lawn is as simple as calling Fred Batemon’s Lawn Leaf & Landscaping. Since 1998, we have been providing professional, consistent and affordable leaf removal services to homes and businesses all over the Pine Bluff area. Our calling card has always been thorough work, no matter what landscaping task we are contracted to do, and it’s how we have developed a strong working relationship with all of our residential and commercial clients. Our reputation for quality landscaping and leaf removal services has grown our business year after year.

If you want to save yourself the trouble of wasting your valuable free time picking up leaves yourself, call (870) 575-2484 and book one of our crews for a leaf removal today.

Fall Cleanup Services

While leaf removal is a cornerstone of fall landscaping work, there is plenty of other fall cleanup services we have to offer. Some of the fall cleanup services we offer alongside our leaf removal services include:

Pruning- Pruning trees, shrubs and hedges before winter comes is always a good idea. A Pine Bluff winter is synonymous with bad weather and pruning back problematic branches can prevent heavy winds from damaging plants or creating dangerous branch falls. Plus, it can help get your plants the light they need in these shortened days.

Insulation- Insulating plants to keep them warm and undamaged during can get your landscape ready for spring.

Liming and Fertilizing- The reason you remove leaves is to make sure your lawn doesn’t die over the winter. Once the leaves have been removed, we can add lime and fertilizer to make sure it’s only healthy growth moving forward.

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